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le weird in this role, her readings of Betty s lines a little too stagey and crafted. But I m coming around to appreciate her performance because it reminds us that Betty s life itself is a performance. The illusion of composure and control is important to her,[url=http://www.vanscheapshoesvans0.com]cheap vans shoes[/url], which made it all the more effective to see her lose it, whether yelling at her shrink when he suggested she was angry at her mother, or going all Charles Whitman on her neighbor s pigeons. Bonus points to Jones for her reaction in the scene in which she learned that Don s rejection of McCann-Erickson would also end her modeling comeback. And the well-meaning consolation offered at the photo shoot Oh, honey, it has nothing to do with you when, of course, that was precisely the bad news.It s probably appropriate that the episode ended with gunfire, because Mad Men presents an awfully mercenary view of life business life, married life, personal life. Every storyline is about a character trying to leverage advantage: Betty, trying to leverage her face (and Don s career situation) to gain independence; Joan, trying to leverage her looks; Peggy, seeking to leapfrog Joan through her writing; Pete, failing to leverage his Nixon-campaign coup into status, getting snubbed even when he tries to celebrate by sexually harassing his secretary. (How pathetic, that last bit, by the way as well as the scene of his relieving his fraternity glory days. The young men on this show already seem so old.)And, of course, Don, leveraging the McCann offer to get what, exactly? Not the money,[url=http://www.vanscheapshoesvans0.com]Womens Vans Running Shoes[/url], although he finagles a nice score. (According to the BLS inflation calculator, his new $45,000 salary equals $316,[url=http://www.vanscheapshoesvans0.com]Vans Suede N Canvas Old Skool Darkred Black[/url],670 today.) But what s this life that he fantasizes to Sterling about reclaiming someday? What does Don actually want? Maybe his inscrutability, his standoffishness, his need to detach all come out of the same thing that seems to be driving the other characters on this ever-more-fascinating show: not wanting to end up as last year s model. Latest from our Partners  Parent Claims Anne Frank Is Too Pornographic For School  The Huffington PostI caught an early look at The Rape of Europa. It s a documentary of roughly two hours drawn heavily from the 1994 book of that name by Lynn Nicholas that won the National Book Critics Circle Award. Nicholas told the story of the Nazi plunder of European artworks and architecture during World War II. The film has been making the festival circuit for a while and will start turning up in theaters this month.Nicholas book was an adroit telling of an important story — how the Nazis looted or demolished European treasures in a campaign of unprecedented theft and deliberate destruction. So I wish I could say that the documentary, by Richard Berge, Bonni Cohen and Nicole Newnham, was equally impressive. It s a lucid and instructive film, and sometimes a moving one,[url=http://www.vanscheapshoesvans0.com]Vans Suede Chukka Boot Black[/url], but with very much the tone and tempo of a PBS doc that s been inflated to movie screen size. Everything about it, the talking heads, the even tempo, the subdued narration by the actress Joan Allen, makes it feel like a project that was made for a small screen but has escaped for a while on to larger ones.All the same, it weaves its way through some crucial episodes in the history of delusion, greed and hubris. No doubt because of the young Hitler s thwarted ambition to become an artist, as Fuhrer he developed grand ideas for the cultural dominance of the Third Reich and the subjugation of other nations. His campaign against degenerate art, the hit list of works he wanted to take from other nations, his plan to make his hometown of Linz into a grandiose European culture capital — it all followed from that.The Nazis taste in 20th century art ran to Aryan kitsch, or at most to the attenuated Modernist stylings of an Arno Brecker, but they knew a Vermeer when they saw one and they knew how to snatch and grab on a scale that Napoleon, an art thief of the first magnitude, could only dream about. It became common for party leaders to emulate the Fuhrer by amassing their own art collections. One easy rou
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