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That year a hurry - Essay story - Prose Log essay - Article Reading Network

finally the author gave me a dry heart relax ending, when a year passed, there is always something to forget to forget all.
ask: when 16 years old do?

then the junior students name but also a word is not bad to read it out?
likes someone,[url=http://www.airjordanpascheremvp.com]air jordan[/url]? And the man still associated &gt,[url=http://www.tomsoutletsuvip.com]toms outlet[/url];
I was the young emotions touched,[url=http://www.conversepaschervipboutique.com]converse pas cher[/url], although no shaking heaven and earth,[url=http://www.tomsoutletsuvip.com]toms shoes[/url], but of the innocent is like a spring has been into the heart, awakened a year like silence millennium...... .
five of them still with great care but absolutely true and honest maintains only belongs to the feelings of the world at the time to come, even if the injury is so pure, pure?? pain more let a person cannot breathe......

in fennel, seeking Chen, Joe burning, forest Jiamo,[url=http://www.airjordanpascheremvp.com]air jordan pas cher[/url], Zhao Ye them, we can always find their own shadow ever young. Because we have a young, every youth has, every dream, every regret have aftertaste endless scenery......

the green olive, because love is too hard, so hurt others get tired of their own. When the square Hui asked: do you like Shen Xiaotang? Chen Xun answered "yes" when on the phone, has been careful to avoid and caress each other feelings of fennel severely hurt me, I can not help but finally shed tears, a syllable with simple, sentenced her growth from death,[url=http://www.louboutinpascherervip.fr]louboutin pas cher[/url], although she still loved. Although the world no law says: you love a person, he must love you! No. Therefore, seeking Chen yes,[url=http://www.louboutinpascheremvp.com]louboutin pas cher[/url], just don't love,[url=http://www.lanvinsneakersukshop.co.uk]Lanvin[/url], or party fennel have feelings too heavy, give too thoroughly, let the young Chen Xun to carry, not don't love, is thin and young love a direction.
as the book after the party Grayling said: the reason that better meet you miss,[url=http://www.louboutinpascheremvp.com]louboutin[/url], because meet only can let the person in front of sadness and pain, but can already doomed to miss the fairy. Whether or not that love or finally has a happy ending, 16 sky is that self-esteem and sensitive, true and free of impurities, such as orchid mountain quietly blooming,[url=http://www.louboutinpascherervip.fr]louboutin[/url], fresh and aromatic...... Love

"in a hurry when closed that year", have a look, is 3:00 in the morning, I was the true, we would have thought that memory for a lifetime of people and things, once thought will forever from the fuzzy state in the shuttle to the former youth passes as a fleeting wave...... .
then the feeling is always the only and noble, also gave them endless and strength, so the party fennel careful storage all and visions, dreams of Outlast even the heaven and the earth! And to the final seeking Chen doesn't love, all that once such as fairy-tale beautiful eventually become sharp an poison, corrosion of her heart, destroy everything,[url=http://www.hoganoutletmvp.com]hogan[/url], together with the past together ashes to ashes, she still and helpless watching and waiting,[url=http://www.lanvinsneakersukshop.co.uk]Lanvin Shoes[/url], love. The final deeply hurt myself hurt others.

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